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Marketing experiences for Google, Guardian Life, Harvard Business Review, MassMutual, Loblaws, and Comcast


HUGE — Brooklyn, NY

My Role

Visual Designer / Art Director

HUGE was my longest running agency job. In my four years there I worked on long term client retainer accounts, quick frenetic pitches, and everything in between. The types of work included digital marketing campaigns, editorial design, e-commerce experiences, and modular enterprise design systems. Between all of those engagements, I worked with nearly 20 different clients. Below are a few work samples from Harvard Business Review, Guardian Life, Mass Mutual, Comcast, Google, and Loblaws.

B2B marketing for Google

I worked on several small proposals/pitches for Google owned marketing platforms Think with Google and DoubleClick. These projects feel into either the classic product marketing microsite or the editorial thought-piece formats.

DoubleClick landing page
Think With Google article example
Think Insights landing page
Design system for Guardian Life Insurance

This was my first, but certainly not last, client brief that emphasized the development of a design system for their new marketing experience rather than individual designed views. This was around the time where corporate marketing departments began buying into enterprise CMSs that favored reusable code blocks to assemble page layouts. Instead of crafting each view, we were challenged to think more broadly about how common elements could be reused and combined to achieve flexibility in storytelling and utility desired by our client.

CMS layout components
Component based views
CMS layout components
Component based views
A digital reading experience for the Harvard Business Review

We modernized the online reading experience for this preeminent business news magazine. Besides providing access to their archive of past content, we introduced curated topic based feeds, a robust content search, a redesigned web store, and a fully on the go responsive experience.

A financial goals oriented experience for MassMutual

We completely reimagined MassMutual’s marketing site to reflect an ongoing shift in the way the industry marketed toward prospective policyholders. Instead of focusing on financial products, we emphasized financial goals, through the lens of everyday customer’s lifestyle needs and aspirations.

An online shopping experience for Canadian grocer Loblaws

Click and Collect was Loblaws’ foray into online shopping. Acknowledging the increasing popularity of FreshDirect in the U.S. Loblaws needed to establish a foothold in the online grocery shopping marketplace in Canada before competitors flooded the space. We helped them dip their toe into this space by designing an online platform for shopping their locals stores for pick up. After choosing all of their desired items, users could schedule a pick up time where their groceries would be bagged and ready to load into their vehicles.

Cart check out
Email circular
Responsive views
E-commerce and marketing for America’s largest telecom

Comcast was my second foray into working with another enormous telecommunications conglomerate after working on the Verizon Wireless account at R/GA. Similarly, this engagement focused on their website which included product marketing, plan configuration, and purchase funnel work. Besides the expected nuts to soup systematic web experience work, this account surprisingly provided some opportunities to experiment with some unconventional interpretations of their digital brand guidelines.

Bundle upgrade view
Xfinity Home Automation marketing landing page
Cheeky infographic promoting service transfer
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